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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello everyone ,
sorry ..I have been neglecting my blog for a couple of weeks ..a case of too much to do ..too little time . I am so enjoying this commission that I started on this week . I was asked to do some mural painting to jazz up a plain cubby house at a pre school . The brief was ..please make it bright and interesting so that is what I am doing here. As you can see it is far from finished but I have begun by painting sunny sunflowers on the front..completed daffodils , foxglove and red toad stools..when the sun came around I quickly moved to the cooler side of the cubby and have painted " FROG HOLLOW" with a plump little frog sitting on a lily pad.. bull rushes , agapanthus and a jetty almost complete this side..I will add some lady beetles ,butterflies and honey bees tomorrow..It will be an early start so that I can beat the sun to the 2 hot sides and am looking forward to painting the potted geranium and foliage on the front ..I could gladly keep going and going with ideas for this project ..what FUN !!
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  1. Lovely work, Kathy! You look so nice there painting away in the sun!Sunflowers in the Sun!