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Friday, November 26, 2010


Hello everyone ,
I have just finished painting this teddy painting . Each year I like to do at least one special painting for my collectors. This one is very sweet . It features two bears ..Mama bear is wearing her best white Christmas dress and has purple hydrangea in her hair ..she is holding little Lila who is wearing her lilac dress and white bloomers . They are sitting in front of ' Bear Cottage' with two Christmas trees adorned with bright stars on each. I have painted the original antique frame in antique white to complete the Christmas theme.
The size is 19 inches x 24 inches ..the painting is available for auction or purchase on ebay . SORRY SOLD


  1. What a wonderful piece for your collectors, Kathy. There are layers of meaning in this work,and a lot of loving thoughts!

  2. Thanks Marie, It was snapped up quick smart by a collector from Tasmania . How's the weather in South Africa ? It is pooring rain here ..has been for weeks..not great weather for building a house . :-)