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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hello everyone !! after a long wait and much planning we have moved into our new home. It is just lovely to be settled again although we are totally exhausted from the move. We have unpacked a mountain of boxes over the past couple of days , reaquainted ourselves with much loved furniture and bits and pieces that have moved with us to various places over the past 35 years and are now too looking splendid in their new home. I am so pleased with how our old and newer stuff is looking has been so much fun decorating this smaller but well designed home . We are looking forward to starting on the garden which will be from scratch ,so much to do in the coming months.
Please note that I have a new email address  I have been 'off the air' for a few days and now can't access emails from my other address so please forgive me for not replying to emails . I would be grateful if you could resend using my new e-address ..
cheers for now....

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