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Monday, August 29, 2011



Hello everyone !
Can this life get any busier !! We got off to a great start with our exhibition ' COASTAL INSPIRATIONS' opening at the Minnamurra cafe last Friday night selling lots of paintings and had a happy friendly evening with those who came to see our works and have a chat ...I've been busy in my studio the past couple of days painting a very nice work to replace ' Sea Change'  that sold at the opening ...
I enjoyed the opening of the Meroogal Women's Art prize on Saturday . The standard of artworks is so high this year and I was very proud to see my painting ' The Pie Maker' exhibited in such good company. The theme this year is Made By Hand and celebrates the women of this lovely old historic home that was owned by several generations of women and now owned by the historic houses trust.
It was important to me to make this painting for the exhibition . I was compelled to do so as I have a connection to this place . My grandmother lived in the same street and I remember Meroogal from an early age , even though I didn't know the inhabitants at the time I always wondered who lived in this grand old home ..It fascinated me..In 1974 my grandmother's sister Aunt Dorothy went to live at Meroogal as a housekeeper . I was invited to visit the house and was shown into the loungeroom . I vividly remember being introduced to an elderly lady who was sitting at the table peeling apples . She was Elgin Macgregor the last women to own and live in the house . When Elgin passed away in 1977 The house was given to the historic houses trust . It is from my memory of meeting Elgin all those years ago that inspired me to paint this picture and enter it in the art prize .


  1. We say: As American as Apple Pie. This painting reminds one of a restful age,Kathy! My Grannies also sat down for the job! Me, I just stand and get it done at speed!

  2. Hi Kathy, such a beautiful painting and interesting story. It must have felt special for you to be painting it, having the connection through your grandmother and her sister. Best wishes to you for both the exhibitions, am sure all your hard work will be rewarded. Happy week! Robyn.

  3. Thanks Marie, how uncanny that you mention as American as apple pie ! the apples that were grown in the orchard at Meroogal were called " American Beauty " variety of apple and these were the ones that the dear old lady was peeling the day that I was there. I tried in vain to research what this variety looked like but couldn't find a picture so had to go with my imagination . cheers and happy painting :)

  4. Thanks Robyn , I certainly enjoyed painting it .. could swear that Elgin was looking over my shoulder at the time !