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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I hope that you all like the new fresher look to my blog ..It was brought to my attention recently that text is difficult to read on a black background and I have to admit were right!! ..I like the new look and a fitting start to the first day of Spring in the Southern hemisphere..

This little watercolour is of my house " No 18 In Springtime "


  1. Your house, Kathy! How charming....Spring Day in the S Hemisphere is letting us down in CT as we have a final spell of winter today. Lovely picture and with your fragrant country garden I suppose you have birds and butterfies as well?

  2. Thankyou for you comment Marie..yes it is a pretty house . The lavender is in full bloom and we get the odd bird or 2..little honey eaters and willy wagtails mostly and a few butterflies for Montydog to chase ( as if he would ever catch one ! ) Hope the weather warms up soon in your part of the world. Hugs :-)