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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I am often asked about the process of painting a picture and as I have just recently begun a new painting of an old house I thought that it might be interesting to show the steps that I go through to acheive this . Now please note that I am mostly a self taught artist so to any really good artists reading this I apologise for my most likely unorthodox way of going about this....

The painting is of an old house that has now been demolished . It was on prime land that overlooks the Pacific ocean. The children of the owner asked me to do several paintings of the house in remembrance of their mother who has now passed so it has indeed been an honour to be asked to paint it . When planning the paintings I took in to account each of the clients requests of particular features about the house that they remember the most . A bit of a challenge as the house has had many changes and alterations over its 100 year history ..

In these first photos I have jumped ahead and gone straight to the blocking in ..I had previously drawn it out roughly in charcoal and am using quality stretched tara 70 canvas and am painting in oil..I have completed the modern rendered wall which is meant to be a statement about the future taking over the past and strengthened the dark areas ..keep following for more tomorrow

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