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Monday, May 25, 2009

OLD HOUSE continued....

I really got carried away while painting the next few steps of this painting and as usual in my own little world totally forgot to photograph some of the next steps .I took this photo as soon as I after the blocking in I went back in and strengthened the important step as this determines how much of the light that I can achieve in the end result as I like my paintings to 'sing' with light...I painted the red roof tiles and will come back later to define this a bit ..then moved on to finishing the boards on the house ...the brick fence on street level and the red stairs..blocked in the footpath (sidewalk) and began to paint the shrubs and Norfolk Island palms behind and beside the house..I simply couldn't wait to add the light to the house (impatient little being that I am !) so got onto the highlights on the windows , door and house boards and short I am all over the place when I paint but for some reason or other this works for me ..I think that it has something to do with short attention span because as soon as I tire of one section I quickly go onto the next and continually go back and forth until I am pleased with the result.

I worked hard at it all weekend so that I could escape for the day to drive up to Bowral to see a great exhibition of dog paintings at the Milk Factory Gallery..fantastic work..I would like to ask the artist her secret on how she got the dogs to look at the camera as they seem to turn away when I photograph them..I adore dogs but it takes a lot of patience to get a good photo..

Standing back now and taking a good hard look at the house painting I can see that I will have to change a couple of the angles before I am completely happy with it ..still lots to do before it is finished ...catch you soon...

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