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Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have recently begun a commissioned pet portrait for a client in another state. After several emails back and forth with photos attached I had all that I needed to come up with a rough preliminary sketch to show J . A further phone call was great to find out more about the pets personalities , sizes in relation to each other , favourite colours etc were determined in this discussion . It was lovely to speak directly with J as we have never met before and we discovered that we have many things in common not least our love of collecting bears ...I find that it is essential to gain as much information about the subjects as possible ..after all having a portrait commissioned isn't something that one has done often and I am trying to bring out the personalities in the painting as well as a good likeness. The commission is for 2 beautiful Golden retrievers , 4 stunning cats and 6 bears all sitting on a rug together..We decided that the size would have to be 80cm x 60 cm ...taking into account the size of the wall where the painting is to be hung and to fit this many animals together..I am using Fredrix Artist canvas and am painting in oils.

My first post is the preliminary drawing on paper ..the next is the drawing that I sketched onto the canvas with charcoal..following is the rough in with blue , blocking in the shadows..don't panic J this is just like the undercoat with much work to be done yet before it starts to resemble the finished painting !

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