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Saturday, May 21, 2011


I have just completed this antique hatbox and listed it on ebay . The design has been wandering around in my head for a while now just waiting for the right piece to come along ..The painting is called ' Boy's Own ' as it reminds me of the annual books of years ago . As I remember there were Boy's Own annuals and Girl's Own annuals that were eagerly awaited and mostly given at Christmas time . They were packed with stories of adventure , games and puzzles and were read from cover to cover until another one arrived under the tree the following year I showing my age yet ??
The Pumpkin cook-off is tomorrow and being judged in the garden . Our instructions are to bring plate , bowl and spoon as well as a chair ....and our entries of course ! I have had some yummy recipes sent in . I didn't realise that pumpkin could be cooked in such a variety of ways ..well I have had pumpkin all over the kitchen ...almost slipped head over heel on a pumpkin seed and I am sure will be finding bits for months to come but it certainly has been fun ....
Watch this space for the results of a fun afternoon tomorrow !

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