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Saturday, May 14, 2011


I have recently moved to a lovely little town surrounded by peaceful farmland and gorgeous mountain views . Now I have moved house quite a lot over the years but this place is different ..I feel an inner peace and a distinct feeling that this spot on the map is where I was intended to be living .I can't quite put my finger on the reason why apart from the beauty of the place ...perhaps it is because I can see the two mountains from my kitchen window each morning ..the same ones that I saw as I was growing up and have an ancestral connection with . More than that are the great neighbours who have made us feel so welcome.. This is a purpose built town , forward thinking in its design concerning conservation and reducing carbon imprint . It has a way to go for this to be fully achieved but I am totally confident that it is heading along the right track .
The town also takes a lot of ideas from old towns know the way it used to be before high rise came along and people started living in square boxes with no consideration for aspect or design to suit an area. Although the houses are of similar design there actually isn't two the same as each is designed for that particular block of land . High ceilings , rectangular windows and lovely old fashioned verandas just right for sitting and having a yarn with neighbours make them very livable .
The town has a community vegetable garden complete with 2 chooks, Josephine and Isabella. Local dog Missy checks on them everyday . Actually there are quite a few local dogs which is lovely since we lost our Cavvy Monty last year . They all call in to say hi while on their walks with their mums and dads . So far we have met Tiny , Trevor and Audi as well as daily visits from Missy .
As a result of a good harvest of pumpkins this year we are having a cook off competition ...AND this is where you all become involved ...a cry for H_E_L_P on my part as I am surely a better artist than a cook and I need your help to come up with a good that a not so good cook like me can whip up and look impressive LOL.. At Kathy's blogspot I have decided to have our very own competition , a competition within a competition that involves you all . The winning recipe for a great pumpkin dish (that will make me look like a fabulous cook!) will win this original 12" x 16" oil painting called "The veggie Patch" signed by myself the artist . So please join in the fun and send me your best tried and true pumpkin recipe by the 18th May...Competition is open to all ..I will send the painting to the winner anywhere WW free post.
Please just post your recipe on this blog ..Or if you aren't a follower just email it to me ( why not take this oportunity to become a follower , It cost nothing to follow this blog and you can see what I have painted most days and sometimes before it goes onto ebay ) ,
looking forward to reading your comments ...this could be fun !!


  1. Sweet Kathy, what an absolutely idyllic setting for your home. I have pictured you in such a setting.

    Pumpkin recipes - one should probably scan Thanksgiving recipes! We have traditional ways of dealing with pumpkin and I will send you some much used recipes. The prize itself, how could you give this lovely piece away. Maybe make a set of 6 cards of the image as your prize?

    That community garden is such a wonderful idea. The first thought I had was: what a lovely way of getting an artist out of the studio and do some socializing and connect with the Earth!

  2. Marie , I would love to have one of your traditional recipes . A good idea for the cards but I needed to come up with a prize in a hurry and as painting is what I do....I will remember it in the future . I have just joined redbubble but need to get some good sharp photos of my work so that they can be used for cards . I love seeing the garden from my kitchen window . I was there the other day taking photos and it certainly is a 'mother earth' experience just being there. Missy was bounding around showing me the chooks and veggie patch.

  3. Ah, those views from those windows!

    Photograph your art on overcast days, when the sky is a sharp white. The sun "eats" colour and blue skies cast a blue hue on a photo that is difficult to eliminate when you edit the photo.

    Cute answer on the prize idea:"painting is what I do"! That will teach me a lesson to be more generous with my work!

  4. Thanks Marie that is very good advice and I will try it out on the next overcast day . I think that you ARE very generous , I appreciate your comments and advice ..hugs