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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I didn't paint today . Miss Ruby came to visit ...


  1. Of course no painting! But did you paint the lovely chair, Kathy? I saw those cards and will see how I can puzzle out this Paypal system!

  2. Hi Marie, Yes I painted the darling little rocker several years ago before I knew that I would be getting this beautiful grandbaby . So pleased that I kept it and didn't sell it as she really loves sitting in it when she visits Nan-Nan. Sorry I didn't realise that you aren't familiar with paypal . You would have to join paypal to use it and then it is just a matter of me sending you an invoice . One day I will get my son to show me how to get the paypal button onto the blog .I am sure that it is easy peasy. I am getting better at internet stuff but some things still get me rattled! perhaps there is another way that you can pay . I just prefer Paypal as it so easy and secure for transactions worldwide. let me know if I can help out ,
    Have a great day (painting?)

  3. Hi Kathy, OK first I want to tell you that I am a born and bred South African (you asked before). My daughter is a US citizen and has lived there for 13 plus years.

    The Paypal system should be easy, I will "conquer" it.

    I battle at the moment with 6x6, have never worked so small. But I am the "art" demonstrator at our local museum this Saturday and need tiny things to sell!